Non Selling Fundraiser Ideas

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Fundraising can create an immediate twinge in members of a school or group. While fundraisers have become an intricate part of bringing in funds to schools and nonprofit organizations, having to sell items can be a dauntingly overwhelming task. Instead of focusing on what you can sell at your next fundraiser, consider some non-selling fundraiser ideas.

Donation Wall

Choose a wall or bulletin board in a high-traffic area of your school or church. Gather 250 envelopes and markers to write on the envelopes. Number each envelope from $1 to $250. Then, hang up the envelopes on the wall. People take an envelope and fill it with the amount of money on the outside of the envelope, then return it to the person in charge of the fundraiser.


Have each member of your group participate in a walkathon. For extra publicity, you can also recruit public figures within the community to volunteer. Each walker gets people to sponsor them by donating money for each mile walked, or for completing the course. You can recruit local businesses to set up tents to sell their items or food, and you can give away different small prizes for those who have sponsored a walker.

Recycling Day

Go around the community and gather up things to recycle. You can ask neighbors, pick up trash and have everyone in your group bring their own collection of recyclables. Once you have gathered up a large amount of recyclable material, take it to your nearest recycling donation center. Rinse out any bottles and containers that might have food in them. Once you have made your deposit, you can pick up the cash for your donation.


If you have access to an auditorium, the you can have a telethon. Set up a talent show, hold local bands and talent as well as talented members of your group. Throughout the telethon, you will explain your need to those watching. Those who see your broadcast will call in and donate however much money they decide. You will need people to answer phones, talented individuals for entertainment, a host, and a way to keep up with how much has been donated.