A rental car business can cater to more than just travelers at the airport, bus terminal or train station. With creative sales and marketing tips for rental car companies, you can find new ways to generate regular revenue with your rental fleet. You can also analyze the marketing tactics that are working for your competition and create your own version for your business.

Corporate Clients

Any size business is a potential client for your rental car business. Larger companies may need to rent vehicles for an upcoming business trip, or they may have a large group of business associates coming into town who will need vehicles. A small business may want to rent a luxury vehicle to impress potential clients, or it may have a local trade show that it needs to move display equipment to. Put together an informational flier that outlines the vehicles you have along with some of your corporate rates and personally drop them off to business owners, office managers and marketing department managers at local companies.

Competition Analysis

There are new marketing ideas being used by rental car companies on a regular basis. If you own a local car rental company, then keep an eye on what the national chains are offering to see if you can replicate any of those services in your business. For example, if the national chain has a successful program where it picks up rental customers who cannot get to the rental store, then you may want to consider using that idea as well. If your competition offers discounted rates for long-term rentals then you may want to mirror those rates or beat them if you can. Offering programs similar to national car rental companies can make your local care rental organization seem larger.

Customer Needs

In the car rental business you need to have the vehicles customers want to rent, or they will rent them from someone else. Have your associates make notes of the kinds of vehicles customers are requesting that you do not have, and make plans to add those vehicles to your fleet. You can offset the costs of changing your fleet by selling off the vehicles that customers are not renting. Features such as increased gas mileage, more storage space and roadside service can also be important to clients. Consider adding options to your vehicles, and additional services to your agreements, that customers are requesting.