For many people with advanced knowledge of a subject, opening a tutoring business offers flexible scheduling while bringing in additional household income. A tutor combines the ability to communicate, patience and teaching skills to guide students in the learning process. Students may be elementary-age children, high schoolers, college students or adult learners who wish to be schooled about a subject you teach.

Library Card

Students may need tutoring in a wide variety of subjects. Materials can become expensive if you have to purchase books in every subject. As an alternative, the library offers books on almost every topic you may need resources for. Whenever you are hired by a new client, visit the library and find resources in the subjects you will need for this client. Check them out and review them more fully at home. Your local library may also have access to an expanded library system, allowing you to request additional resources.


Paper supplies dwindle quickly with clients writing notes or practicing their skills. You will want to keep your own notes regarding your clients and may keep a separate notebook for each client. Stock up on notebooks and loose-leaf paper during the back-to-school sales held every summer.

Do-it-yourself advertisements can be printed on professional looking printer paper and posted on local bulletin boards at schools, daycares and bookstores. Print the advertisement with your credentials on the paper. Allow enough room at the bottom of the page to include your name and phone number printed sideways several times. Cut vertically between each so that potential clients can tear off a tab to call.

Small Prizes

Small toys, erasers or pencils can be used as incentives for children as they reach individual goals. Each client should understand the goals to be accomplished through their tutoring sessions. Quantities of small toys, erasers and pencils can be purchased inexpensively. If your clients are high school or college students, a coffee coupon or two dollar bill may provide an incentive.


The telephone is the most effective method of communicating with current and potential clients. Current clients may wish to schedule additional appointments. Potential clients may want to know more about what you offer. You need to be able to contact teachers and schools to let them know of your services. You should make sure you have voicemail on your phone and return messages promptly.