How to Sell a Proposal to Executives for Printing Services

by Clara Chavez ; Updated September 26, 2017
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The primary responsibility and delight of all executives is to show a profit. In business, the trick is to make money while holding on to as much money as possible. All businesses have costs associated with running the company. Two of these categories are supplies and advertising. While there is a need to promote business and products through services like printing, it must be done without depleting the budget. Your job is to convince the executives that your proposal for their printing services will create more profit for them while saving them money. Before the presentation collect as much information about the company’s printing needs and budget as you can. Taylor your proposal to fit their company and prepare samples to demonstrate your work. On the day of the presentation, be on time and show confidence in your own company.

Create More Money By Using a Printing Service

Distribute your company’s proposal and your business card to everyone at the meeting. Show off the quality of printing your business does with these two items. Talk about their company to prove you understand their printing needs. Explain what the costs are for these items and show them samples of other brochures and flyers. Compare the value and quality of your printing service verses in-house printing jobs.

Leaf through the proposal with them. Tell about your record working with companies similar to theirs. Highlight how business improved for those businesses as a result of your printing services. Explain the cost analysis sheet that correlates your printing services to new customers, contracts and profits.

Show them the price list page that includes cost-saving values which could relate to purchase volume or seasonal deals. Offer them a variety of contracts lasting a month, six months or one year. Show them a variety of payment options. Be sure to include a promotional discount as an introductory enticement. This is especially important for small businesses who are very likely to be struggling.

Show the comparison sheet which documents your competitors' prices. Convince them that your company can offer a better price with personalized service.

Ask for the printing service of their business. Have them sign a contract. Help them fill in their first order. Set up the delivery time, and schedule a follow-up meeting to track their satisfaction.


  • Dress professionally. Looking like a slob diminishes your chances.

    Be friendly without being cloying or condescending. You want their business not a date.

    Be honest and deliver what you promise if you want to create a lasting business relationship.


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