Grants for HIV/AIDS

Nonprofit organizations devoted to HIV/AIDS advocacy or feature AIDS-specific programs can apply for grant funding that helps them raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. Grants help recipients educate community members about ways to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, ensure that people living with the disease are not discriminated against and that people who have HIV/AIDS are receiving necessary treatment.

John M. Lloyd Foundation

Each year, the John M. Lloyd Foundation awards more than $400,000 in grants to nonprofit organizations that support AIDS programs and help raise awareness and expand access to treatment for HIV/AIDS. The foundation awards grants through several funding programs. Spring Cycle awards grants up to $20,000 to organizations expressly for project support.

A grant of up to $50,000 is given out annually year for think tanks to meet at the Stony Point Center in New York to develop solutions to issues such as providing HIV testing and treatment in the criminal justice system. A multiyear award of $150,000 is given to an organization that is deemed to have an outstanding record in the area of AIDS awareness and outreach. Interested organizations submit concept letters and if the concept is favorably reviewed, a formal proposal is requested.

John M. Lloyd Foundation 11777 San Vicente Boulevard, Suite 745 Los Angeles, CA 90049 310-622-1050

Gill Foundation

The Gill Foundation provides grant funding to organizations that help to treat people who have HIV/AIDS and educate the public in order to prevent new HIV/AIDS cases. Funding also is available to organizations that help advocate for fair treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS, according to the foundation's website. Grants are available to organizations in the state of Colorado, and interested groups submit a letter of interest that details the proposed project and the amount of funding needed.

Following a review of the letter of interest, organizations may be invited to submit a formal grant proposal for review by the Gill Foundation. Grant awards for first-time recipients usually do not exceed $10,000 and organizations can only submit one letter of interest every 12 months.

Gill Foundation 2215 Market Street Denver, CO 80205 303-292-4455

Tides Foundation

The Tides Foundation has awarded grants to community-based organizations since 1976 in areas including HIV/AIDS, civil rights and economic justice. The foundation's HIV Young Leaders Fund awards grants to organizations that assist young people living with HIV. The foundation seeks proposals from organizations led by someone 30 years of age or younger. The award is designed to support activities such as HIV advocacy and HIV services. Grant proposals are reviewed by regional panels of youth leaders with experience in youth HIV/AIDS issues. Recommendations are reviewed by a global panel which makes the final decisions as to who will be awarded grant monies.

Tides Foundation 1014 Torney Avenue San Francisco, CA 94129-1755 415-561-6400

San Francisco AIDS Foundation

The San Francisco AIDS Foundation awards grants to organizations in several California counties including, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda. The grants are available to nonprofit agencies that provide AIDS services. Award amounts range from $1,000 to $10,000 and the size of the grant is based on the budget of the awardee organization.

Applicant agencies must provide proof of 501c3 status and be willing to support the San Francisco AIDS foundation annual AIDS Walk event as a condition of receiving grant funding. Proposals consist of an organization summary form, a financial statement and a statement on how the applicant organization is working to reduce HIV in the Bay Area. Applications are reviewed by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and final decisions on grant awards cannot be appealed.

San Francisco AIDS Foundation 995 Market Street, Suite 200 San Francisco, CA 94103 415-487-3065