While your menu and food quality will be key factors in the success of your new restaurant, there are other factors you should consider. One of those is the theme of your restaurant—often a crucial decision when opening your own establishment. It is often wise to try and fill a niche in your area, one you think will appeal to customers.

Cultural Theme

A culturally-themed restaurant can be a breath of fresh air to your community, offering a welcome diversion from the usual fast food. Create a decor that complements your theme, including artwork, music and apparel for staff members that help create an authentic feel. For example, for an Indian-style restaurant, include elements from Indian culture like religious statutes, tapestries and traditional Indian attire for staff. This will bring an ambiance that makes patrons feel like they have traveled to a different culture.

Unique Décor

A quirky décor can help draw attention to your restaurant. There are several ways to do this, from your building's design to your staff’s uniforms. For example, if you want to open a seafood restaurant, create an entrance that looks like a ship that has run aground. Have pirate statues adjoining the entrance looking at their wrecked ship. Consider appealing to a specific group, like children or teens, creating an atmosphere they will find irresistible.

Quirky Approach

A restaurant with a quirky approach could include a 1950s-style drive in or perhaps a minimalistic angle—without tables and chairs. Instead, patrons sit on pillows with dishes placed on the floor. It is important to make your restaurant type compatible with your area. For instance, a small, rural town might not be the best place to open a minimalistic restaurant. These types of trendy establishments work best in large cosmopolitan cities.