When you name your candle business, you make several commitments before your first customer stumbles across your website or walks through your door. Classic names say "high-end merchandise." Quirky, slightly off-color names delight some customers but offend others, so use caution. Photos of business sign failures demonstrate the embarrassment that can ensue when a business owner pairs the wrong words on a sign and discovers it sends a message contrary to his company's values.

First, Some Do's and Dont's

Women buy 90 percent of all candles, giving them as Christmas presents, housewarming gifts, hostess appreciation tokens, expressions of gratitude and to mark birthdays of adult relatives or coworkers. So, you must make sure your name appeals to women. You must also follow local, state and Federal regulations regarding naming your business. Do a trademark search to fend off potential legal issues. If possible, create an entirely new word that no one else uses rather than smashing two or three popular keywords into one long name. Make sure that your current name will grow with your company rather than impede your chances for future success. If you couldn't be bothered to check for trademark issues, seek feedback from potential customers and investors or care about your company image, why should anyone else?

Elegant and Classic Names

Names like Margaritas at Midnight, Enlightenment, Waxing Poetic or Moonlight Glow call to mind engagement parties, black tie affairs, wedding receptions and honeymoons. All of these occasions call for elegant-looking candles such as tapers, hand-carved pillar candles, floating heart- or-butterfly-shaped tea lights or a single, large pillar candles scented with sandalwood, patchouli or some other exotic scent.

Specialty and Niche Names

Specialization helps you distinguish yourself from all the other companies producing for the mass market. If a group has a large enough reach to support your business goals and personal lifestyle, then by all means, chase your dream. Names like Mad Wax, Serenity or Canary Candles appeal to the geek in all of us.

Spiritual Blessings Names

If you wish to appeal to practitioners of nature faiths, try naming your candle business Blessings of Oya, Majikandles, Shadow Circle, Waxing Moon Candle Company, Wisdom Waxworks, Sixth Scents or Gaia's Gifts. Names like Covenant Candles, Light My Way, Lights of Faith, Everlasting Light, Fountain of Lights or Cross and Candle will appeal to the more mainstream believer.

Suggestive and Saucy

Candles, rose petals and romance rule the world, so any saucy yet tasteful names will ensure that your business will have a steady stream of couples purchasing your wares. Avoid anything risque, but names like Scentsations, Light My Fire or Lovelights should appeal to anyone celebrating an anniversary, rekindling an old romance or setting the stage for a proposal.

Homegrown and Local  

Take advantage of the "Buy Local" trend by naming your candle emporium Biloxi Bay Waxworks, Corpus Christi Candle Company, Harris County Home Scents or Kandle Krewe. These names evoke the homegrown, handmade nature of your business.