Office Supplies Checklist

When you start a new office or you are in charge of ordering supplies for your office, you need to know what to purchase. Purchasing office supplies can come with expensive shipping costs, so it is important that you order all the products you need in one order. While the office staff are what makes a business excel, office supplies help make the creative process a little easier..

Writing Tools

Writing tools are one of the most important items an office can have. Essential writing tools include pens, pencils, correction fluid or tape and a pencil sharpener. Other writing products offices use include permanent and dry-erase makers, highlighters and pen holders to place on top of desks.

Paper Products

The paper products in an office are equally as important as the writing tools in an office. They provide a material on which to print contracts and documents and make note taking easier. Paper products offices purchase include notepads, copy paper, message pads to record missed phone calls and paper partially made with cotton for formal business document. Other paper materials often used include sticky notes, agendas or day planners, calendars, fax paper and colored paper.

Computer Equipment

Most offices already have computers and their accessories are already purchased and setup, so supply orders typically consist of restocking computer equipment that gets used most often. Computer equipment you should purchase includes toner or ink for printers, copier toner and bands or ties to organize electric cables. Other items offices often need are canisters of compressed air for cleaning computer components and (re)writable CDs or DVDs.


If your office mails any type of correspondences or creates any type of official documents, it needs stationery. In addition to blank paper, offices need letterhead and envelopes of different sizes. In addition, supplies should include postage stamps and an ink stamp or sticky labels with the business name and address.

Organization Tools

Organization is important in an office and there are office supplies to help you maintain some order. When acquiring office supplies, consider purchasing binders, sheet protectors, business card file, folder, hanging files, file folders, “in” and “out” trays and a three-hole punch. Other helpful items include paper and binder clips, pushpins, staplers with staples, staple remover, invisible tape and dispenser, rubber bands and scissors.


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