Vinyl decals are available in a range of colors, shapes and sizes. The decals stick to nearly any type of clean surface, including windows, cars, folders and book bags. When you decide to sell the stickers, you’ll find that you have a customer base that includes businesses, schools and individuals. Because you can customize the stickers to fit different groups, you guarantee that your customers are happy with the finished product. Vinyl decal selling ideas include where to sell those stickers.

Online Sales

Create your own website that offers the vinyl decals for sale. Include examples of the basic decals, including the different sizes, colors and shapes you have in-stock. Add information on how your clients can customize their stickers for a specific event or company. If you have premade stickers, such as those with a slogan, phrase or image on the front, include pictures of each one. List your prices carefully, including any price breaks you give for bulk or large orders.

Festival Sales

Make special vinyl decals for festivals and other events in your area. Include the date of the event and any other pertinent information on the front of the sticker. Make multiple types, using different colors, fonts and images. If customers don’t like your original design, they may find a decal they like in your other designs. Add other stickers and decals to your booth, including those with different phrases on the front, to appeal to even more customers.

Local Sales

Offer blank decals for sale to local businesses, including restaurants, stores and nightclubs. Bring along blank decals, as well as some designed decals, to show the owners and managers what you can make. Give the businesses a list of your prices and a business card, which shows your website address. Let customers know you fill orders placed over the phone or placed on your website.

Display Ideas

Place examples of your work on different displays, which lets customers see everything you have available. This is especially important when selling offline. Stick the decals to large sheets of plastic, writing a number underneath each one and organizing the decals by those numbers. This makes it easier to locate one when a customer orders. Include a few examples of the more unusual ways to display the decals, such as on binders or even on antique milk jugs or other glass items.