Company bulletin boards can serve as more than a place to tack fliers about employment law and rules for using the copy machine. Keep yours from gathering dust and increase employee morale at the same time by having some fun with the company bulletin board.

Guess Who?

Make an interactive bulletin board by posting random facts about employees and challenging everyone to figure out who is being described. Give a questionnaire to employees that asks questions such as “What is your favorite genre of music” and “Tell about the most dangerous thing you ever did.” Type the answers to the questions on individual cards in a large font. Leave room for people to write their guesses underneath the information. Use a few minutes of your next meeting to give away the secret.

Wacky Makeovers

A wacky makeover bulletin board works well with a staff that has a sense of humor. Upload staff photos into an online makeover site such as or Give people fun hairstyles. Add some funky glasses and other accessories. Print the makeover photos and put them on the bulletin board.

Fun Graphs

Find out what people in your company like by surveying them. Put up graphs charting the number of people who like classic rock versus hip hop, or depicting people's favorite flavors of ice cream. This is a good opportunity to add a work-related graph, such as sales figures for the month. The inclusion of the fun graphs will ensure that the work-related graph gets viewed as well.

Community Board

Increase the feeling of community in your company by using the bulletin board to meet employee needs. Encourage people to post fliers of bikes for sale, upcoming community events and violin lessons. Allow employees who make jewelry or crafts to advertise them for sale. It will also improve relationships among employees as they discover common interests and connect more frequently outside of work.

Newcomer Welcome

Janine Popick of Inc. Magazine writes that “when you finally hire someone, it's important to make him/her feel part of the family fast -- with a capital F.” A bulletin board can help. Take photos of people who are new to the company and post the photos on the company bulletin board with their name and interests. This bulletin board will help newcomers feel welcomed and will assist veteran employees in learning the newcomers' names.