For wheelchair users, wheelchair ramps that provide access into their homes, businesses and recreational venues are a necessity. Funding to provide ramp construction is available via local, state and federal grants, and is fairly easy to access.

The Easter Seal Society

The Easter Seal Society has a long history of promoting independence for individuals living with physical disabilities in the United States. The Society has funding available to help individuals and businesses provide wheelchair access via ramp construction. The Easter Seal Society can be contacted by calling 416-421-8377 to find out how to access funds locally.

Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together, Inc. is a national nonprofit organization that focuses on rehabilitating homes for individuals with disabilities and the elderly. The agency provides funding to make living spaces accessible which includes construction of wheelchair ramps. You may send a letter of interest to Rebuilding Together to explain your needs. The administration office will put you in contact with the organization chapter closest to you.

Community Development Block Grants

Community Development Block Grants, or CDBG, are funds funneled down from the federal government for dissemination by local governmental agencies. Generally, these grants are due late in the year and funding is then announced for the fiscal year following the application and review process. When applying for CDBG funds, you or your agency will most likely be asked to give a presentation to the review committee. CDBG funds are an excellent resource for wheelchair ramp construction in communities across the nation. You must contact your state office to apply.

Multiple Sclerosis Society Home Modification Program

The Multiple Sclerosis Society Home Modification Program accepts requests from individuals in need of assistive devices such as wheelchair ramps, bath and shower grab bars, and handrails. Requests may be submitted in letter form. Requests may be submitted year-round; there are no specific deadlines. To contact the branch nearest you, fill in the form provided at the national website.

Muscular Dystrophy Association

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) provides assistance throughout the year to individuals and families coping with muscular dystrophy and related illnesses. The organization provides equipment and accessibility devices, including wheelchair ramps, to those in need. The simple-to-use application is available on the MDA website. MDA also provides a myriad of support services, including home and school visits, social activities and assistance with funeral expenses.