Mattresses are an essential item for the home, but an item that does not require frequent replacement. This low turnover rate makes successful advertising especially important for the owners of mattress retail stores, as they must constantly acquire new customers. According to The New York Times, successful mattress advertising builds an emotional connection with the consumer. Careful market research and creative advertising campaigns can make this process more effective.

Know Your Target Demographic

Before you launch a new advertising campaign, spend some time on market research in your area. Are you targeting your advertisements to newlyweds, new homeowners or middle-age adults? Will you be selling mattresses to families with small children, or designing your advertisements to appeal to childless couples or single adults? Spend some time working with your area's chamber of commerce to learn more about the demographics in your area, so that you're prepared to market to local consumers.

Host an Event for Engaged Couples

Hold an event for engaged couples that will allow you to showcase your products. Promote the opportunity to test out mattresses, meet wedding vendors and enter to win an appropriately themed prize. Partner with local wedding photographers, bakeries and wedding venues to provide your potential customers with multiple resources they can choose from as they plan their big day and set up their household.

Host a Health Fair

Host a health fair and promote the many ways a good night's sleep benefits the human body. Individuals who aren't sleeping well at night may have trouble accomplishing tasks at work, completing daily activities and caring for their families. Partner with other businesses in your area to improve the size and reach of these promotions, advertising them as a community resource that potential customers can trust and rely on. Work with local health-related business such as hospitals, massage therapists and doctor's offices.

Allow Customers a Chance to Evaluate Your Product

Set a storewide policy that sales clerks should allow customers sufficient privacy to try out mattresses. Train employees to allow customers at least a half-hour alone to try out one or more mattresses. It can be difficult to test a mattress effectively if you're being watched, and nervous customers will be less likely to make a purchase. Once your store has successfully implemented this policy, mention it on your website and in your advertisements. Host a sleepover-themed event on a weekend afternoon, serving popcorn and candy, or run ads encouraging your customers to bring their favorite stuffed animal to the store and plan for a short nap on a mattress of their choice.