The right supplies are needed for any office to function smoothly. All offices, from small home-based businesses to large corporations, need forms and stationery, filing supplies, pens and pencils, and basic desk tools. Mailing room supplies, as well as kitchen and restroom supplies, are also needed. Some offices will need specialty supplies related to their line of business, but the basic office supplies will remain the same.

At the Desk

In the Mailroom

In the Lunchroom and Restroom


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Offices that provide refreshments for employees will need at least drinking cups, napkins and coffee supplies such as sugar, creamer and stirrers. Keep plenty of coffee, tea and hot chocolate on hand.

Cleaning supplies for the break room should include sponges, paper towels, dish soap, hand soap and an antimicrobial cleaner for the sink, countertop and tables.

For the restroom, toilet tissue and toilet seat covers, paper towels and antimicrobial soap are the minimum supplies needed. Cleaning supplies should include a toilet cleaner and sanitizer and glass cleaner. Don’t forget the toilet bowl brush, and always keep a plunger on hand.

For cleaning the entire office, buy a good mop and bucket, and a broom or vacuum cleaner. Buy floor cleaner, glass cleaner, sponges and cleaning cloths and screen wipes. Carpet cleaner and spot-removal chemicals are good to keep on hand.

At the Reference Desk


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All offices need some reference materials. Buy a good dictionary and keep telephone books handy. Consider purchasing computer software reference books. For businesses such as electrical contractors and auto parts suppliers, code books, catalogs and parts manuals should also be part of their office library.