One invention that plays a large part in business operations is the word processor. Initially launched in the 1800s in the form of the typewriter, today's computer-based word processing software does the job of the file cabinet, typewriter and ink pen combined. Along with the myriad of capabilities, the ease of use and affordability make it a sensible business investment.

Makes it Easier to Create Templates

In an office setting, the most commonly used documents are often personalized to suit individual scenarios. This is typically done by creating templates using word processing software such as MS Word or Pages.

A template is a document created as a starting point for future documents. Along with the flexibility of adding and removing data, templates offer users the ability to edit and print several copies of important business letters, all with different key information.

Makes it Easier to Save and Secure Documents

The "save" or "save as" feature offered by word processing documents allows users to give documents memorable names within the same file location or in different file locations. When documents are saved onto a secured computer, client information is protected and easy to retrieve at any time.

The password protection feature available in open documents prevents unauthorized changes to important documents. This can prove useful if multiple persons rely on the information within these documents to perform their jobs (e.g., medical insurance claim processors who pay claims according to contractual agreements made with doctors).

Saves Time and the Environment

When word processing software features are used in conjunction with good organizational skills, this saves users time. Instead of spending time sorting and searching for misfiled or misplaced paperwork, using the computer's search feature makes finding files simple.

Furthermore, word processing benefits the environment by reducing the amount of paperwork needed to perform daily tasks (e.g., archiving, sending out letters, sending meeting agendas). By sending documents via a secured email, the cost of postage and paper waste are reduced significantly.