The transformation of a business implies a profound, major change. Without doubt, information technology is an agent that can bring this level of change. Over long periods of time as information technology evolves, most businesses are seriously affected by technological changes. However, transformation in business processes and models can also be sudden as new solutions alter the business landscape.


According to Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (Access Board), information technology is any type of technological system or solutions that is involved in the "creation, conversion, or duplication of data or information." Considering technology's role in creating digital information, the transformation in many businesses is so profound that it is difficult to tell where technology ends and business begins.


Inform IT notes there is almost no precedent for the business transformation that arose in the latter half of the twentieth century as a result of information technology. During that time, the computer itself went from rare and complicated to common and user friendly. Incredible amounts of information and business assets were put into digital form and managed through computer interfaces. The handshake was replaced by confirmation through email. Information technology has transformed business management to such a degree that methods that seemed modern only decades ago are now outdated.


The effects of technology's transformation of business can be positive and negative. Mobile communication devices and Internet access allow staff to work from anywhere with great flexibility, but it also makes it difficult to separate personal and work time. Software solutions allow people to easily create complex reports, but these do not always add business value. Server environments can store huge amounts of information without taking up any space, but hackers can break into systems and steal information while going unnoticed.


Information technology's role in business transformation has considerable benefits. The ability to share information and collaborate without geographic constraints changed the way many businesses communicate with staff and clients. Search engine technology allows individuals to access information with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Websites introduce companies and explain value propositions before anyone has to take the time to meet.


Most experts agree that the transformation of business from information technology will be robust and long-term. Even during times of economic slowdown, new technological innovations are created that continue to transform the way businesses operate. Internet technology continues to expand, further transforming the business workplace into a virtual environment. Information technology has one of the most vital roles in transforming how business is done.