Horses are a part of American culture. Events like the Kentucky Derby have cemented their place in sports. Kids enjoy horses as much as adults do and enjoy learning how to ride. Grants are available to help kids learn to ride and care for horses.

Therapeutic Riding Program

The Therapeutic Riding program is a free riding class program offered by the American Paint Horse Foundation. The program is targeted towards children who have physical or mental disabilities. The program believes that children benefit from spending time with a horse. The program actively seeks donations to provide more riding classes and seminars across the country. The American Paint Horse Foundation website contains information for donations, upcoming seminars and how to schedule events with the Therapeutic Riding program.

"Back In The Saddle" Program

The American Paint Horse Foundation offers the "Back In The Saddle" program for children with mental and physical disabilities. The program includes a custom-made saddle for the child, riding lessons and learning to care for horses. The average value of the package is $12,000 per child. The American Paint Horse has information on how to donate to the program, upcoming program dates and locations, and how to register on their website.

AYHC Grants

The American Youth Horse Council offers grants to future horse trainers. The grants are awarded to children and programs that teach horse training to children. Grants are awarded in amounts of $1,500 to approved programs. Applications are available on the American Youth Horse Council website. All applications must be received by September 15th every year to be eligible for the grant program in the current calendar year. Qualifying criteria and limitations is also available online with the application.

AMHI Graywood Youth Horsemanship Grant

The AMHI Graywood Youth Horsemanship Grant is a grant program that offers two children per year the opportunity to learn from a professional in the horse industry. Children can further their education in care, breeding, management and training horses. The grant is available to children who wish to work as a horse trainer as a career. The application and criteria are provided by the Morgan Horse Association through request via their website. Values for the learning program grant were not available on the website at time of publication.