Salon businesses in the U.S. have a high percentage of return on investment (ROI), which provides reasons for entrepreneurs to invest in individuals who would like to start a salon business for women. Individuals who desire to open a salon for women may also be eligible to apply for grants that the federal government offers to small business owners or to individuals who want to start a new business.

Grants for Women

The Center for Women’s Business and "Entrepreneur" magazine made a compilation of grants available in 2011 to help women start a successful business. Women who desire to open a salon and who have a business plan for this project are eligible to receive one of these grants.

Small Business Grants

The U.S. government provides several grants for business owners throughout the country. The website provides all necessary information for individuals and companies who want to apply for one of the grants the federal government offers. Individuals who want to open a salon for women may be eligible to receive one of the grants for new businesses that the government provides. To be eligible, your business must be a new company with revenue prospects lower than $6 million per year.

Amber Foundation Grants

The purpose of the Amber Grants is to help women who are entrepreneurs to start a small business. An individual who wants to start a salon may be able to receive between $500 and $1,500 from this foundation. To be eligible to receive this grant, an applicant must open a home-based salon for women. The recipient may use this grant to buy the necessary equipment to start a salon, pay part of the rent for the place needed to open it and provide services or pay for any of the costs of opening a new business. The Amber Foundation Grants program offers these awards multiple times every year, and the amount for the August, 2011, grant is $1,500.

State and Private Sources

Your state's development agency may offer grants to help you start your new salon business. You may apply for these grants online or in person by going to the state office closest to your home. Each state may offer different grants for individuals to start a business, and some states may not offer grants for small business owners. If your state does not have any grants available to help you start a new salon, you may ask your state's development agency whether it has a list of private or corporate grants available to start a new business. If you are a woman, you may ask for grants available to minorities.