Orphanages are eligible to receive various types of grants to help ensure the welfare of children and youth not fortunate enough to grow up with parents in a normal household. Examples of institutions that provide grants and support to orphanages include the Orphanage Support Services Organization, Orphan Coalition.Org and the J. Kirby Simon Grant and Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. These institutions focus on educating the youth in orphanages and strengthening their moral and intellectual character.

Orphan Coalition

Orphan Coalition awards grants for orphanages based in the United States. To determine eligibility, applicants must fill out the application form and send a detailed photo for evidence. The Coalition cautions fraudulent applicants, saying that a vetting process exposes scammers.

Orphanage Support Services Organization

The Orphanage Support Services Organization (OSSO) provides grants to help orphanages manage their funds to provide for the basic needs of orphan children living at that specific orphanage. It also reaches out to orphans in certain orphanages to teach them about their personal value. OSSO assumes that orphanages cramped with many children lack many types of moral and social support.

J. Kirby Simon Grant

The J. Kirby Simon Foreign Service Trust provides grants for orphanages in countries all over the world. Grant funds may go toward basic orphanage operations, the purchase of educational materials, property renovations or whatever improves the lives of the orphans there. J. Kirby Simon Grants have helped orphanages in Albania, Lithuania, Mexico, Guyana and many other countries.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

The Orphan Foundation of America, founded by the late Joseph Rivers, received $500,000 from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, which intends to fund scholarships for the undergraduate and graduate education of students coming out of foster care. It also provides stipends for student internships. Scholarships are renewable for a second year. According to the foundation's publication, some students receive $5,000 each whereas others receive $10,000 each. In addition, the OFA also provides mentoring, academic coaching and internships. The grant has helped realize the dreams of students coming out of foster care.