A safe work environment provides benefits for management and workers. Management reduces costs by decreasing the time lost to accidents on the job. Employees gain a safe environment that reduces the possibility of an injury while working in the organization. Workers will adhere to and ensure the success of a workplace safety program if management provides motivation.

Safety Training

Training should be a part of the workplace safety program to provide workers with an education in safety procedures. The training program can teach safety topics to workers such as chemical handling, ergonomics and handling blood-borne pathogens. In addition, leadership training teaches some workers to motivate and lead workers in safety efforts. Training is an opportunity to motivate workers to perform the duties of their job in a safe manner.

Employee Safety Committees

An employee safety committee encourages workers to meet regularly and discuss issues related to safety in the company. The employee safety committee may also schedule inspections of various departments in the business. The inspection can identify safety hazards the department must address to develop a safe environment for workers. Rotate the workers on the safety committee to motivate all workers in the organization. Providing an opportunity for all workers to serve on the committee motivates them to take the responsibility seriously.

Safety Culture

A company must develop a safety culture in the organization to motivate workers to have an awareness of safety issues. The company can address safety issues at regular employee meetings to stress the seriousness of the topic in the organization. Update workers on safety issues and keep track of accidents in the organization to remind workers of the importance of the safe work environment.

Management Priority

The management in an organization must make safety a priority to motivate workers to follow safety procedures and policies. The company must set the example for the workers by following through on suggestions by the safety committee, correcting safety issues and training workers.