When forming a committee to tackle a specific project or issue, you ideally want the most motivated and engaged members possible. By having a solid group of committed and interested professionals, you increase the chances of the team successfully completing assigned tasks. Based on your goals and objectives for the committee, there are a variety of ways you can attract the appropriate workers.


Being part of an office or company committee can become a drain on an employee's time and energy. Offering the employee something in return can help encourage participation. Compensating employees on the committee with bonuses, overtime pay or perks such as additional time off can be useful in persuading them to take part. By offering incentives for the time and energy the employees put into being a part of the committee, you can motivate them to see the investment as worthwhile.

Committee Purpose

The decisions that the committee will make or the aspects of business the committee will be involved in also serve as motivation for joining the committee. Outlining the purpose of establishing the committee and what goals the committee members will set out to accomplish can attract employees who have an interest in the tasks of the committee to become involved. For example, if the committee will focus on increasing staff morale, employees who have ideas for doing so will be inclined to join.

Team Building

Work is usually more enjoyable when the employees have positive working relationships with each other. Promoting the team building and bonding opportunities available to those who join together as a committee will attract employees looking to get to know their colleagues better and develop a team atmosphere in the workplace. Encouraging the team aspect of the committee also could motivate staff members who want to be known as a team player.

Career Progression

Being a part of a committee can be an attribute on a resume and can benefit the professional reputations of participating employees. Encourage participation by touting the experience committee members will gain. You also could stress the fact that demonstrated team players and leaders have a better chance of progressing up the corporate ladder, as these are attributes desired in senior management.