What Is Needed to Start a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency is responsible for providing professionals on a temporary or permanent basis to businesses with hiring needs. These businesses often don't have the expertise or resources to spend time hiring new staff and rely on the staffing agency to do for them. Starting a staffing agency requires professionals with human resources expertise, office-related supplies and a wide array of industry-wide and local contacts.

Physical Facility

A staffing agency is not something you can run out of your home; you need a physical facility at which to screen potential temps and have meetings with businesses interested in your services. Your office should be big enough to have some meeting space, an office and a desk for a receptionist, should you hire one.


The hallmark of a successful staffing agency is the contacts used to get jobs for the temporary employees. You have to do a fair amount of networking and get some interest from potential employers before you even launch your business. This allows you to open your doors accepting temporary workers with the knowledge that you have businesses interested in hiring for temp work. Make as many contacts as you can make ahead of your business launch by attending professional development seminars, joining local civic and business groups and networking at professional mixers.


You need a computerized database of clients and potential staffers to get your business off the ground. This database should be comprehensive, consisting of names, contact information, skills for your temps and needs for the businesses with which you plan to work. The more sophisticated you can be in your approach to the database (such as searchable features), the better it will serve you in terms of organization for your business.

General Office Supplies

To run a staffing agency, you need some general office supplies for your staff and those that come in seeking employment. This might include clipboards and pens for initial applications, computers for on-site screening -- such as a typing test, filing materials to maintain files on all of your temporary employees and multi-line phones to maintain a steady stream of incoming calls by both businesses in need of employees and temps in need of work.


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