Learning about spirituality has become increasingly popular, making it a good time to start a spiritual consulting business. Take advantage of available resources to build a solid foundation for your new business, so that it can thrive.

Things You Will Need
  • Books on spirituality

  • Spiritual classes

  • Binder

Decide what angle you’d like to use for your business. Ask yourself what you believe in and how you want to use spirituality to help others. For instance, you may be interested in several facets of different religions and beliefs, and may want to pull those together to use in your business. Your approach could be psychic-based, or connecting with spirit or the universe—there are many options, and you need to find what resonates with you. Also, decide if you’d like your primary focus to be helping individuals, businesses or both.

Take a spiritual or life coaching course. These classes are an easy way to find the path that resonates most with you, and they are good resources for information about doing a spiritual consulting business. They usually have marketing sections that show you how to get your name out into the market using inexpensive tools (at least when you’re just starting) and how to maintain and grow a client base. At the end of the course, additional help and advice can be provided to help build a foundation for your business.

Practice doing spiritual consulting with individuals so that you get comfortable with the field. This can be done with friends, or by putting ads online with free classified websites offering to do a consultation for free. As you become more familiar with spiritual coaching, you may consider asking the person if they’d be interested in a weekly coaching session for a minimum of three weeks. The purpose of spiritual consulting is helping your clients grow and make positive changes in their lives, and it’s not always easy to see that if you only do one-time sessions.

Create a coaching plan and keep it in a binder or in a folder on your computer. Pull together materials that you’d like to use in your practice, from your spiritual classes, books and online, where you can find a large amount of free resources. Start off the coaching plan with the script you’d like to use at the beginning of each session—you may want to keep this nearby whether you’ve memorized it or not. If you’d like to use meditation, visualizations or affirmations as part of your spiritual consulting, put it in the plan!

Talk to others in the spiritual coaching field (or visit their websites) to determine your ideal rate. You may want to charge hourly, or charge a set rate that covers sessions for a set amount of time. Keep in mind that this is your business, so you do have the opportunity to be flexible and make adjustments as needed. It’s also good to keep in touch with others in the field to learn new things and share ideas.