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Decorating the interior space of your bakery is one of the ways -- along with the bakery name, physical location and menu -- that your choices will influence the way the customer perceives the bakery. For example, a bakery with a down-home, rustic style heavy on reclaimed barn wood will be perceived differently than a bakery with a European name and a velvet-and-glass aesthetic reminiscent of an upscale jewelry store. No matter what overall style you select, borrow a cup of decorating inspiration from the items the bakery will sell.

Fresh Flowers

A simple glass vase will put the focus on the flowers' beauty.
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Place vases or simple glass mason jars full of fresh flowers throughout the bakery. Choose non-scented or mildly scented flowers so they don't interfere with customers' enjoyment of the food smells. Pick flower types that match the color scheme. Not only are flowers an inexpensive form of decor that can be changed to reflect different seasons, but also they create a perception of freshness that customers may assume extends to the baked goods.


Paint a quote related to baked goods, sweet goods, eating or food in general in large letters on one wall of the bakery. Alternately, you could stencil the quote along the top of the bakery walls, forming a thoughtful border, or have a selection of quotes printed on canvas, stretched over frames and hung throughout the bakery. A few quotes you could use are "Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are." (Anthelme Brillat-Savarin) or "All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast." (John Gunther).

Portrait Gallery

Label each portrait photo with the name of the item depicted.
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Bedeck the bakery walls with framed photo portraits of all the different foods and beverages you serve. Hire someone with food photography experience to capture the mouth-watering essence of each item, from a steaming mug of black coffee to a fresh, colorful fruit tart to a blueberry crumble muffin, its top glittering with sugar. Showcase each item against a plain background. Frame the photos in identical frames and hang them art-gallery-style — in a single, eye-level row — around the bakery.

Whimsical Mural

Murals don't have to be elaborate, Michelangelo-worthy paintings. Images

Paint a whimsical mural on one wall of the bakery. This decorating idea is particularly appropriate for bakeries with lighthearted, brightly colored decor. Hire a local artist to deck the walls with smiling cupcakes, muffins and bagels frolicking in hot chocolate fountains. Alternately, if your bakery has a more genteel, European feel to it, commission a mural that depicts bakery goods in the style of a European master painter.


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