Drive-Thru Ideas

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Most people are familiar with drive-thru coffee at fast-food restaurants and drive-thru ATM banking. The possibilities are endless when you consider all of the services that could be provided to customers to save time and make their lives easier, especially concerning day-to-day activities that involve shopping, laundry or meals.

Drive-Thru Weddings

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A Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada, performs drive-thru weddings in its "Tunnel Of Love." Couples drive in on motorcycles, in limos with open sunroofs, in convertibles with the top down and in sedans to exchange vows. The owner was inspired to provide drive-thru weddings in addition to regular chapel ceremonies after witnessing a handicapped couple having difficulty with mobilization. Many couples simply find it a novel experience.

Drive-thru Laundromat

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Drive-thru laundromats have already appeared on the scene; some companies have franchised their drive-thru laundry businesses. You would need a good location, preferably on a busy street, and capital to establish this kind of laundromat. Choose a location to serve students at nearby universities or colleges with accessibility geared to walk-in customers with parking. You could also offer walk-in laundry facilities. There is potential for a substantial profit if you advertise the service well.

Drive-thru Car Wash

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Buy car washing equipment and set up your own automatic car wash. Customers can pay into a coin or bill machine so there's no need for an attendant to be on duty. They will be directed by signs and colored lights as to when to drive in, when to stop the car and when to exit. Most car washing systems offer a choice of express washes to rust control treatment. Post an emergency phone number in case there is a problem with the equipment.

Drive-thru Grocery Store

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Grocery stores could offer a drive-thru service. Customers would place their order by phone or the Internet and pay by credit card, then arrange a time to pick up their groceries. They would drive up in their cars, put their groceries in their trunks and be on their way. It would be a time saver and a great help to disabled people.