Peachtree is an accounting program created by Sage North America. Peachtree programs are created for both personal and business accounting use. The programs vary in overall cost, depending on the program and features selected.


Peachtree accounting programs vary in the number of users that can access the program. Peachtree Pro is limited to one user since it is meant for home use. For a large company that requires numerous users, Peachtree Quantum provides up to 40 user accounts, so the entire office can access the accounting software.

Business Management Tools

The accounting software you use for your company can affect the overall accuracy of financial records, as well as the effectiveness of the business. Peachtree accounting software products have accounts payable, accounts receivable, backups, payroll services, customizable reports, Quickbooks conversions, budget creators, auditing tools and inventory management.

Credit Card Processing

In business, it is important to be able to accept credit and debt card transactions. Peachtree products allow users to process credit card and debit charges directly through the product itself using a Peachtree merchant account. An account has to be applied for online or through the program, but once approved, you can process credit card and debt transactions directly through your Peachtree software.

Invoices and Estimates

There is no one-size-fits-all invoice or estimate for every type of business. Peachtree programs have customizable forms. You can add your logo, select between service or product invoice types and customize the columns and fields you want to appear on your invoice and estimates. Invoices and estimates can be customized with fields for special messages to customers such as disclaimers or expiration dates on estimates.

Customer Service

Every Peachtree program comes with customer service support through email, online chat and over the telephone. Businesses can sign up for auto-renewal services so that their Peachtree software is automatically updated and their licenses are renewed without any hiccups in the process.