Grand Opening Decorations

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Opening a new business is reason for a memorable celebration. Companies often decorate the exterior and interior of the business to commemorate the occasion. Both large-scale and subtle decorations are available based on your budget and the amount of space you have available. However, the more subtle your decorations, the less likely your grand opening celebration is to be noticed by potential customers passing by.


Celebrate your grand opening with high-powered lights adorning the sky. Large-scale outdoor decorations, such as searchlights, are a staple of Hollywood movie premieres because they draw attention from miles away. Turn your grand opening into a premier hot spot with large-canister searchlights. Searchlights are appropriate for businesses open during the evening such as restaurants and some retail boutiques because they can only be seen at night. The beams flowing above your business are a perfect accent to uplights lining the walkway to the front entrance.

Balloons and Inflatables

Balloons are a staple of grand opening celebrations. Balloon arches can be purchased to enhance a doorway or the interior of your store. Inflatables are also a common grand opening decor option because they can be ordered in staggering heights to capture the attention of people blocks away from your business. Car dealerships often use inflatables as a promotional tool for special sales and grand openings by placing an oversize inflatable in the parking lot of the business. Before you choose an inflatable, ensure you have access to ample space to station the decor and that it can be safely positioned out of the way of pedestrians.


Similar to searchlights, skywriters allow your company’s grand opening to be visible from miles away. An indirect form of decor for your business, skywriting can include your company logo, image or designs that reflect the products and services your company offers. Choose skywriting as an option during the busiest part of your grand opening day in addition to other bold grand opening decor. Where your budget allows, advance promotion of your grand opening can be conducted using skywriting at a sports event or other activity where thousands of attendees are present in one area.


Flags are an inexpensive decor option for many small businesses and shops. Flags across the parking lot leading to your business reflect your company’s grand opening. If you do not have a parking lot, hang flags along your storefront instead. Flags can be purchased from a party supply store or discount shop. However, make sure the flags are weatherproof or they will not endure more than a few days against the elements. Weatherproof flags are reusable, which means you have decorations available when you need to advertise a promotion or sale.