Having the proper booth location can mean the difference between your business's success and failure. By learning and implementing booth location strategies that maximize your exposure, you will be able to expand your customer base and branding potential. Ultimately, selecting the right location for a booth to display your business may reward you with higher profits and increased prominence.

Industry Conventions

Industry conventions and trade shows are common venues for booths that display businesses. The only disadvantage of industry conventions is that your business will usually be one among many other similar businesses. Thus, you must place your booth in a location where it will separate your business from the rest. High volume areas near entrances and exits are solid locations because they funnel people toward your booth. Also, look for a location that is within 100 feet of a central common area. If your booth is tucked into a corner, people will be less likely to visit it.

College Campuses

College campuses are ideal locations to place your booth because of their high volume of people and demographics. Especially on state university campuses, some colleges and universities have upwards of 20,000 people on them at any given time. Also, the high density of young people enables you to market your business to potentially lifelong customers. Student unions and central common areas are ideal locations on campus to place your booth. Nearly every college campus has an area, typically outside, that is regarded as the center of campus. Place your booth here because it will ensure that you receive the most amount of exposure possible. Make sure you receive permission from the university to set up a booth on the campus. Also, most colleges and universities hold career fairs and special events that allow businesses not only to market to potential employees but also to potential customers.

Entertainment District

Entertainment districts have the ability to increase your exposure through the high volume of people that frequent them. One drawback to entertainment districts is that people most often go to them at night. However, one significant advantage is that people are usually in a good mood when eating food and drinking libations. Interactive booths that allow customers to perform an activity are useful hooks. Be careful not to place your booth in a location that has too much traffic, as your booth may end up being more of an impediment to the flow of the space. You may have to receive permission from a local government, or you can partner with another local business to set your booth up on its property.

City Centers

Nearly every town or city has at least one area designated for the public to use at its discretion. This area sometimes doubles as a park or a memorial, for example. Use this area to display your business with your booth. Areas such as these are advantageous because they can spread the word about your business to many people in a usually-comfortable setting. Make sure that you place the booth in a conspicuous location, such as the top of a hill or at the focal point of the park. City centers are usually outdoors, so you should prepare yourself appropriately for a variety of weather conditions.