Icebreaker Games for Office Meetings

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Icebreaker games for office meetings are a great way to get employees to loosen up, gain energy and learn more about their coworkers. Icebreaker games also are great for team building within a business or company. These games can also be used to establish company goals or create new ideas. There are a wide variety of games for office meetings, so find one that your employees will enjoy.

Interview Game

Before the office meeting, write down a list of 10 questions on a note card and make copies to give to every employee. At the start of the office meeting, have everyone choose a partner that she doesn't know very well. Tell everybody to ask each other questions from the note card. After five minutes, tell everyone to change partners. Four rounds, totaling 20 minutes, is a good amount of time for this game. Questions about hobbies, travel, work position, family and so on are all suitable for an office environment.

Ball Toss

This game can be used to talk about goals for the company or to give employees a chance to make suggestions. The person facilitating the game should get a tennis ball and start off by saying what the goals are for a certain project or time frame. Then the ball should be given to one of the employees to allow him the time to give suggestions to the boss or manager and voice concerns or praises about the company and say anything else on his mind. Pass the ball along, allowing each company employee a chance to speak. This game is a great way to get a forum going about the company and to give the company a more cohesive and better direction.

Who Am I?

This is a good game for small office meetings. Staff are able to get to know each other better and have a little fun during a meeting. At the start of the office meeting, have all the employees write down three or four sentences about themselves; encourage people to write about something unique, interesting or funny. Once everybody has written down an introduction, read the notes out loud and let people guess who it is.

Ideas to Go

Write current issues in the company or questions about how to improve business methods on a sheet of paper and post it on the wall. Use one sheet of paper per question and leave room for writing on the paper. Give everybody 15 minutes to respond to ideas by writing her answer below the question. A question about company logistics, such as how to reduce shipping costs, is applicable. Afterwards discuss the responses together. This game serves the effective purpose of increasing the productivity of a company as well as giving employees more involvement in important issues. It is a way to invigorate people mentally and stimulate a discussion.