Spanish business names must capture the right image to market the company’s product without being too wordy or difficult to pronounce. Coming up with ideas for Spanish business names can be challenging. However, online companies offer inexpensive subscriptions to help business owners choose a unique Spanish business name that is legally available. Owners can also consult a Spanish-English dictionary and translate their ideas into words.

Spanish Restaurant Name Ideas

A business name idea for a general Spanish style deli that serves hearty sandwiches could be “Bocadillos,” which means "sandiwch." An upscale restaurant could have the name "Luz de Jardín,” which means “garden light.” A Spanish sports bar that wants to be the next popular hangout spot could be named “Vayalo!” Vayalo is a slang term many Spanish people use to greet each other.

Hair Salon and Spa Names

Whether the hair salon/spa is located in a well known city or small town, the name of the salon/spa should exemplify style. “Inmersión” in Spanish means complete involvement. People who frequent salons and spas desire to be immersed in pampering. “Bellegente” is a combination of the Spanish words "belleza," meaning beauty and "la gente," meaning people. This name is an appropriate Spanish name for a hair salon or spa because people go to salons and spas to enhance their beauty.

Nightclub Name Suggestions

Spanish nightclubs want to cater to people who are want to hang out and enjoy nightlife, dancing, drinking cocktails and interesting people. The name of the club should capture that vibe. Examples could include “Roquera,” which means "rock and roll singer." “Zomoza” is a combination of the English words zoom and motor and has a Spanish sounding name. Other suggestions are “Loco Caliente,” which means "crazy hot"; “Mañanas,” which means "tomorrow"; and “Noche Negras,” which means "black nights."

Fashion Boutiques

The name of the boutique should reflect the flamboyant taste of the Spanish culture, as well as the elegance of a small boutique. Some suggestions are “Diablo Rojo,” which means "red devil" and is suggestive of mysterious passion; this name is a good business name for a lingerie boutique. “Casi Famoso” means "almost famous"; this business name is geared toward people who love how clothes make them feel.

Spanish Business Name Authentication

Business owners interested in using Spanish business names should use the language carefully to avoid unintentionally misusing Spanish terms. Business owners can use a Spanish-English dictionary to translate the name they want or ask for help from Spanish speakers. Business owners may also want to decide which regional Spanish dialect they want to use for the business name. Spanish slang is more community oriented than English slang; people from different Spanish-speaking countries can misunderstand each other because they are using Spanish words differently.