A job fair event is a success if you can get a steady influx of qualified individuals to attend and a listing of prominent business representatives for them to meet. If you are responsible for creating job fair posters on behalf of your organization try some creative ideas to get the attention of job seekers.

List All Employers

One simple but effective idea for your job fair poster is to simply list each of the companies which will attend the event down the page. Job seekers who see the list and notice the names of companies where they want to work are more likely to attend when they read this poster. Print the list on an oversized poster and print the location time and date at the bottom in bold lettering.

Advertise Open Positions

Another idea for a job fair poster is to type in the estimated number of total positions available in large bold lettering at the top of the advertisement (for instance, 500 Job Openings). You’ll need to get estimates from each of the businesses which plan to attend the event to implement this advertising strategy. After posting the figure provide further explanation about the event and encourage the job seeker that he has a solid chance of finding his dream job at the fair.

Job Fair Raffle

Some job seekers complain that they have a hard time standing out at job fairs due to the number of other candidates who attend. Some describe these fairs as “meat markets.” To help them stand out, advertise a raffle where you draw 10 resumes at random to feature at the job fair on the poster. You can either announce information about each job seeker at podium (highlight his name, skills, education and the type of job he wants) or pass the featured resumes to each business representative during the event. Post details for this special job fair raffle prominently on the poster to get submissions and encourage attendance.

Resume Poster

As another option you can format your job fair poster as a resume. Post the name of the event at the top in place of a job seeker’s name, along with the address, phone number and date of the event. Format the rest of the details in individual sections just as you would format a professional resume.