Peer Recognition Ideas

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Showing recognition to employees is the best way to encourage hard work. Asking employees to recognize the accomplishments of each other fosters an environment where team work means success. Praising and rewarding the deeds of workers who go above and beyond will motivate the whole team to work harder. Making employees feel good about their job and place of business will increase productivity.

Bravo Balloon

Mark a centrally located area with a "Bravo Balloon" or some device of your own choosing. Fill a basket under the balloon with cards and small gifts that are available to the whole office. Ask employees to recognize when their co-workers do something extra special by having them choose a gift from the balloon to give to the high achiever. In addition, keep a log of the gifts, the recipients and the reasons they were given out. As employees become invested in the system, their productivity and morale will increase.

Written Treasures

Give each employee a little fancy box. In each box, place a message of encouragement or accolade. Ask them to keep the box on their desk and to use it as a treasure chest of positive reinforcement. Encourage co-workers to write positive notes for each others boxes on appropriate occasions.

Peer Recognition Book

Buy a simple journal or notebook and decorate the front cover with positive sayings. The person who begins the book will write the name of the person they are thanking, the reason, date and their signature. You then pass the book to the person you are thanking. They continue the chain by filling out their own entry and passing the book on again. Keep the book moving for best results.

Congratulations Board

Mount a dry erase board in a public part of your office -- the lobby, conference room or kitchen are all good locations. Ask employees to write notes of encouragement, thank yous and praises of fellow employees. Erase the board every week or so to keep the comments fresh. When everyone can see the positive energy flowing between peers, it makes for a very positive work environment.