A List of Differences Between B2B & B2C Marketing

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There are vast differences in business to consumer marketing, known as B2C, and business to business marketing, known as B2B. These two types of marketing differ in the mediums, strategy and techniques employed. They also differ in their approaches, with consumer marketing attempting to reach the most consumers as possible, while business marketing attempts to reach a small slice of target customers.

Marketing Appeal

Consumer and business marketing use different strategies to appeal to their consumer base. Consumer marketing by definition is for the masses and appeals to base needs and wants. Whether it is for laundry detergent or a high-end watch, consumer marketing must play up the lifestyle-enhancement features of their product. Business marketing, on the other hand, appeals to practical concerns, such as cutting costs or growing revenue. For example, a software product that can eliminate manufacturing redundancies appeals to business owners' desire to increase efficiency.

Marketing Strategies

B2C and B2B marketers use different strategies to appeal to their market segments. Consumer marketers try to capture the most "eyeballs" as possible, using metrics such as viewers, market share and pay-per-impression. Business marketers prefer to know that their target consumer is being reached and do not care as much about the total number of views. These marketers seek out niche publications, websites and TV shows that will be viewed mostly by a particular business segment.

Advertising Mediums

Consumer and business marketers choose different mediums to reach their clients. For example, a business marketer would be eager to sponsor an industry awards show or trade conference. They might also advertise in a niche trade magazine. A consumer marketer, meanwhile, seeks to maximize exposure with the most widely viewed mediums. The Super Bowl, which brings in about 100 million viewers each year, is a consumer marketers' dream.

Product - vs. People-Driven Marketing

A critical difference between B2C and B2B marketing involves the way the purchaser connects to the brand. Consumer-driven marketing is based on a connection with the product to drive the brand. Business marketing is based on the relationship between individuals to propel the brand forward. If you are choosing a corporate legal firm to represent your company, for example, you want to know and trust your attorneys. You need to meet them and gain a feel for the services they offer. On the other hand, consumer marketing is driven more by the price, quality and personal satisfaction that a product can provide.