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by Robin Lewis; Updated September 26, 2017
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The price for a flyer design varies depending on its design aspects and the experience of the designer. As a rule of thumb, the more custom elements, graphics or pictures that are in the design, the more it costs to design it. Designers usually charge by the hour, but some offer flat rates for flyers, business cards and logos. Average graphic designer hourly wages in May of 2013 were listed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in Texas at $21, Illinois at $24 and in New York at $29. But hourly rates can be higher for freelancers with more experience, qualifications and a high-end clientele list.

Simple Text Flyer

A flyer that is made up of simple text and a limited number of words and style changes is the least expensive flyer to design. If the design of the flyer doesn't require much more than selecting a font and typing in some information, it is technically charged under a typesetting fee, which is less expensive than the standard design fee. Usually a flyer like this will incur a cost of about one hour labor, unless the graphic designer charges by quarter-hour increments.

Simple Flyer with Standard Graphics

A standard flyer with approximately 50 to100 words and one or two standard graphics is the least expensive flyer. If clip art is used and is readily available and there is a limited amount of text formatting, the flyer should incur less than an hour of design time. Most shops have a minimum of one hour of design time, but occasionally a print shop may write off the minimum if the flyer is going to be printed by them. In this case, a standard fee of $17 to $25, at the time of publication, is charged for the design time. The printing cost is added to this, depending on paper quality, inks and the number of flyers being printed.

Custom Flyers and Elements

A flyer with multiple colors, pictures, graphics and custom formatting takes longer to design. Design time includes conceptualizing the flyer, researching and finding stock photography and graphics, detailed changes to the stock photography and graphics, graphic creation, copy writing or typing, formatting text to fit correctly in the allotted area and occasionally designing a flyer to accommodate a die for cutting into a custom shape. These kinds of flyers can take from one hour of design time to several days' work. A standard charge for a tri-fold flyer that uses a fair amount of graphics, pictures and text takes about one and a half hours to three hours to complete, depending on its complexity.

Flyer Quotes

Graphic designers usually sit down with the customer to determine what is wanted as far as design, colors, theme, feel and type. Along with this information, the type of paper and inks, as well as quantity and printing method are also discussed. The customer provides any logos, files or photos needed for the flyer to the designer during the meeting or by email later. During or after the meeting, the designer gives the customer a quote to complete the flyer. This quote is only an estimate; the flyer could cost more or less depending on how long it takes or any issues that arise during the design phase.

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