Ideas for Workplace Goals

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Workplace goals can be a structured way to improve your business; by setting a specific goal, it is easier to focus on steps to achieve it over a set period of time. As you choose goals, involve your employees to create ownership and buy-in, and ask them to participate throughout the process. When your entire staff works together toward a common goal, it can create a shared sense of teamwork and accomplishment.

Go Green

Going green at work can do more than make your business environmentally friendly: it can cut expenses and utility bills and improve your public image. Start by focusing on power in the office. Install timers on the lights, set computers to go into energy-saving mode when not in use for more than 15 minutes, and require that all employees turn their computers off at the end of the day. Plug in office equipment to power strips that can be turned off each day to prevent power leaching out. Install low-flow faucets and toilets to cut water bills. You can also encourage your staff to go paperless whenever possible, which will cut down on paper and ink supply costs and prevent waste.

Set Individual Goals

Even for productive, positive employees, individual work goals can improve performance and provide a framework for a set period of time. A goal helps direct employees in their professional development and cross-training activities, and can serve as motivation to go above and beyond. Work individually with each employee to set goals, including her own ideas and your input about how she can improve or develop further. Make the meeting a positive meeting, pointing out what her strengths are and how she can better use them in the workplace.

Fix Inefficiencies

Many workplaces suffer from inefficiencies and bottlenecks in production, which can slow overall productivity of the company. In a team meeting ask for input about problem areas; by involving your staff directly in the process, you can get ground-level insight and avoid the the impression that you are attacking their performance. Ask where the work flow tends to slow down, and examine the reasons. Brainstorm solutions together and create a step-by-step plan designed to streamline your processes and make the workday flow smoothly.

Improve Communication

A culture of open, constructive communication can transform a workplace from an uncomfortable office into a place where ideas flow and laughter is not stifled. When employees feel that they can put forth new ideas, ask questions, and engage in enjoyable or informative dialogue, they are more likely to feel inspired and comfortable. Help your employees by encouraging discussions among colleagues, setting up the office to allow informal communication, and encouraging education about cultures and traditions.