Cloverleaf Certification

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Cloverleaf integration software is prominently used as an organizational tool in the healthcare industry, but its utility extends to many other types of businesses. As this tool is one of the most complicated integration engines on the market, Cloverleaf users sometimes need special training to make full use of the software. To prove this training, technicians can receive advanced training and Cloverleaf certification.

Cloverleaf Basics

Cloverleaf, part of the Healthvision Cloverleaf Integration Suite, is graphical-data integration software. This program helps unify business transactions, records and sent messages among various operating systems and computer applications. The tool features real time and batch processing, multiple site maintenance on a single server and a non-proprietary tool command language for controlling applications. Cloverleaf software runs on IBM, Digital Unix, Sun, HP, Intel and Windows operating platforms.

Where to Get Certified

Technicians can receive Cloverleaf training and certification online or at physical locations. Examples of organizations that offer certification include Network Computing ( and MDI Solutions ( Some certifying organizations, such as MDI, offer on-site Cloverleaf certification, meaning they will come to the workplace to train and certify technicians.

How to Get Certified

In most cases, technicians will need to take a training course or two before getting Cloverleaf certification. Cloverleaf training courses don't generally last more than a week each and encompass topics such as application training, configuring networks, monitoring message flow, interfacing technology and creating translations. Courses usually conclude with a certification exam, which awards passing students with Cloverleaf certified status.


Having Cloverleaf certification certainly gives technicians a leg up when it comes to working on the technical or administrative side of the healthcare industry. However, Network Computing states that “Cloverleaf's features are suitable for any business or organization”; as such, featuring Cloverleaf certification on a resume might help prospective employees get a foot in the door in many sectors. Certification helps legitimize candidates for certain information technology positions, such as interface analyst or interface system programmer.