Technology has come a long way since the days of the Stone Age when man begun to make knives from stones to aid him in his work. The workplace has undergone many dynamic changes since then and it is difficult to imagine man working without the use of technology. The increasing technological breakthroughs in the workplace have negative and positive effects. The benefits that technology offers man demands knowledge on how to smoothly transit from one technological breakthrough to another with minimal negative effects.

Job Loss

One of the disadvantages in technology in the workplace and arguably the most potent is the loss of jobs. Employers worldwide continue to seek reduction of the cost of production and at the same time increase their profits. Advanced technology offers a solution to this pursuit through labor-displacing technology. Automated Teller Machines take the place of bank tellers and automated airline kiosks take the place of ticket agents. As a result of these, many jobs are lost as technology reduces or replaces the need for human resource


The increase of crime in the workplace is another disadvantage connected to the use of technology, especially when it comes to the abuse of computer technology to commit crimes such as Internet hackings and theft of money through illegal access of credit card numbers. Invasion of the privacy of employees also happens in the workplace through computer-based technology. The theft of personal information and data from computer hard drives for illegal gain or manipulation is another crime that has risen due to the use of technology in the workplace.


Improved and faster communication in the workplace is one of the advantages of using technology in the workplace. Communication through hi-tech gadgets such as the cellular phones and computer technology such as e-mails ensures that the communication process is fast. The fast receipt and dispatch of information helps increase efficiency in the workplace.


The use of modern technology reduces the cost of production especially when technology takes the place of human resource; this increases the profits. When using labor- displacing technology, you do not have to pay a monthly salary and benefits to employees. This means that your cost of production goes down while your profit margins goes higher.