Technology helps businesses maintain data flow, manage contacts, track processes and maintain employee records. Technology makes it possible for businesses to operate efficiently and effectively with minimal manpower and helps to reduce the cost of doing business. Technology helps business operations by keeping them connected to suppliers, customers and their sales force. Because of its ability to streamline operating costs, technology delivers instant access to supplies and information, so businesses are better able to offer affordable pricing of goods and services without sacrificing quality.

Internet Presence

Establishing an Internet presence is necessary even though your business may not be an ecommerce type business. It allows current and potential customers to view your products and services conveniently online. An Internet present gives businesses the ability to reach potential customers worldwide. Certain products or services may not be in large demand where you live or establish your business, but people in other parts of the country or the world may be searching for exactly what you have to offer.


With accounting software, many businesses are able to handle accounting functions without the need for a CPA. The technological advances in accounting software have turned tracking sales, invoicing, employee records and payroll into simple tasks with no specialized training required. Some programs include notifications that alert the business owner when quarterly taxes and bills associated with operating costs need to be paid.

Technology in the Medical Field

We are all familiar with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in hospital operations. in late 2009 doctors gained the ability to use their computer and hand-held devices for writing prescriptions which are sent directly to pharmacies. In addition, doctors are able to access patient records, check for drug interactions and can do ultrasound examinations from devices that fit into the pockets of their lab coats.

The Use of PDAs in Business

Personal Data Assistants (PDAs) have become a must-have for business operations. These devices make it possible for salespeople to be in constant contact with the office while working in the field. The wireless technology of the PDA means that business can be conducted from any location in the world. PDAs offers the ability to make phone calls, send email and instant text messages, take still photographs or videos, access the Internet and obtain information instantly and book flights and hotel rooms all from a small hand-held device. PDA applications are continually updated, offering more uses all the time.

The Future of Technology in Business

Contrary to popular belief, the progress of technology shows no signs of slowing. In fact, with the advent of the PDA and other high-tech devices, developers are finding new and very innovative ways to assimilate these products into society. A prime example of how technology has redefined business operations can be seen oni the use of social networking sites by advertising on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. “The rate of change in technology is as much today as any time in my experience,” says 40-year tech veteran Andrew S. Grove, from Intel Corp. The speed at which a computer is able to access information doubles about every 18 months, and Internet connection speeds are doubling even faster. Use of PDAs in the medical profession have become commonplace.