It's not hard to see the importance of technology nowadays. Modern technology moves faster than we can keep up with it. Computers are now the size of our palms, and we can connect with our employees from anywhere in the world. We can even order our lunch with the click of a button – but it's a whole lot more important than tracking the process of your Domino's order. Not only do we get a wealth of conveniences we didn't have just 20 years ago, but modern technology saves lives.


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The Benefits of Technology for Health Care Patients

Modern technology has allowed for major advancements in the health care field and connected patients to doctors across the world. With the digitalization of health records, nurses and technicians can access patient records at any facility. This means if you visit a specialist instead of your usual GP, your records are just a click away. Not only is this helpful to a patient, but it helps health care professionals detect bacterial and viral outbreaks and put preventive measures in place.

The advent of mobile equipment has also led to increased patient care. Practitioners can visit remote locations and give treatment to people who would otherwise struggle to receive it.


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Benefits of Technology for Doctors

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have done a lot more than just help your average TV junkie figure out which Netflix film they might like. It's actually helped predict diseases. Though the technology isn't completely widespread yet, doctors are developing an algorithm capable of recognizing dementia two years before it happens. This is a huge advancement that can help patients and their families manage treatment and care before they're left in a difficult position.


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Cloud Computing Makes The World Mobile

We've all got the cloud on our iPhones, but have you ever wondered just how useful it is? Cloud computing does a whole lot more than just save your vacation photos – it makes entire companies global and helps employees collaborate while achieving that critical work-life balance. Every time you've opened a Google doc, that's cloud computing. Cloud computing doesn't just amplify collaboration, but it helps with security in the event of a server meltdown or natural disaster. Companies no longer have to worry about a flood or fire completely destroying the documents they need to run. A backup is just a click away.


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The Disadvantages of Modern Technology

Modern technology connects people across the globe and helps treat patients with an effectiveness never seen before, but there are some drawbacks. With everything available at the click of a button, our society has shrinking attention spans. In a study published by Time Magazine_,_ it's estimated that the average human has a shorter attention span than a goldfish. At least your iPhone lets you set reminders!


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Security Is A Risk

Thanks to modern technology, hacking and identity theft is an on-going threat. The more we turn to cloud hosting, the easier it is for a hacker to break in and access leagues of customers' information. We've seen it happen with celebrity nude photo scandals and on a worse scale, we've seen it happen with hospital computers when important patient documents were held for ransom. For this reason, it's important to regularly change your password and always have additional copies.