Ideas for a Transplant Fundraiser

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Transplant surgery is expensive and is not always covered, or covered completely, by insurance. The financial burden can often fall to the patient or the patient's family. To provide assistance to a friend, family member or member of the community, a fundraiser event can be a practical and effective option to cover the medical expenses.


Prey off the word plant within the word "transplant" for advertising ideas as well as a theme for a transplant fundraiser. Ask a local yard-and-garden store to donate packets of seeds for flowers, vegetables and other plants. Sell the seeds at high traffic areas such as shopping malls, grocery stores and churches, or by going door to door. Make signs with phrases relating the plant sales with the funds needed for the transplant surgery. For example, "Planting Love and Health in the Community," and "Plant a seed, help a neighbor."


Ask a local restaurant, catering company or grocery store to donate food products and/or staff to help pull off a meal event. Some simple and easy meal options could include a breakfast buffet or barbecue. Call the event "Appetite for Love," "A Toast to Good Health," or "A Friend-Toast Breakfast Buffet," (instead of French toast). Charge $10 for each meal ticket, with all proceeds going to the transplant expenses.


Choose a favorite activity of the person in need of the transplant to make the fund-raising event more personal, such as dancing, bike riding, baking or fishing. Turn the hobby into a sponsored fundraiser, such as a bake-off, fish-off, dance-off or marathon. Ask for volunteers to find community members to sponsor their participation in the event. For example, in a dance off volunteer dancers would look for people to sponsor how long they will dance, such as $20 for every hour. A bake-off participant would ask a sponsor to donate $5 for every cookie they bake in two hours. The cookies can then be sold or auctioned off for the cause.