How to Design a Photography Price Sheet

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A photography price sheet serves a couple of practical purposes that will help you to run your business more simply. A proper price sheet will let your customers know exactly what you have to offer while also showcasing sample images of your work. Use your price sheet as an opportunity to present yourself and your work in a professional manner. Focus on precise typefaces and bright colors to design an effective presentation.

Research the price sheets of other photographers and plan your pricing to make a profit. Consider the cost of your equipment and the value of your time. Factor in other expenses as well and note that extra expenses such as travel costs could be added. Note on your price sheet that all of your prices are subject to change.

Use a word processing or design software to create a background for your price list. Assemble a collage of your work for the background or choose a solid color that is bright and will attract attention. As an option, make a border of favorite images around a blank center where you can add other information.

Display images on the price sheet that reflect the sizes that will actually be printed. For example, if a customer will receive a set of eight wallet-sized images, add eight small photos to the price sheet to reflect that.

Use typefaces that are clear and easy to read and include your logo on everything that you design to represent your business. Use a large type for your business name and list your email address, physical or mailing address of your studio, telephone numbers and web page address. Add social media logos and addresses if you have them.

Add sample images to your price sheet that are your favorites and best represent your image and work. Ask friends and other photographers for advice in regard to their favorite examples of your work.