How to Get a SKU Number

by Rizwan Qadir; Updated September 26, 2017
SKU number can be easily located.

Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is a set of numbers or alphanumeric characters assigned to a specific product. SKU numbers are primarily used to identify products. A particular SKU number is assigned only to one kind of a product with the same manufacturer, model, version and color. A similar product with a different color will have a different SKU number. SKU numbers of the same product can be different for different retailers. SKU number is also used for sales, tracking and inventory purposes. As a consumer, if you know the SKU number, you can easily track and find out if the specific product is available or not. SKU number can be easily located on a product. You can also consult the customer service of the store if you are having any trouble finding the SKU number.

Step 1

Check the bottom or back of the product for the SKU number. The SKU number can be printed on the packaging or box in which the product was packed. SKU number is usually found underneath or above the Universal Product Code (UPC).

Step 2

Search the SKU number on the shelf where the product was placed. Typically, the SKU number is displayed on the product information tag.

Step 3

Consult the customer service representative to find the SKU of a specific product. As the store has the database of all the products along with their UPC and SKU numbers, the customer service agent can check and confirm the precise SKU number for the product you are looking for.

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