A motivational seminar is a presentation led by a motivational speaker who inspires the seminar attendees to get encouraged about their careers and their life. Having your own motivational seminar requires organizing resources you will need for a presentation and publicizing the event. If you are beginning a career in motivational speaking, or if you are hosting a motivational seminar, organization is key. The most important thing for having a motivational seminar is to be motivated yourself.

Step 1.

Gather materials for a presentation. There are presentational aspects that will make the seminar more effective. If you are speaking, make a PowerPoint presentation to accompany your speech and invest in a digital projector that you can hook up to a laptop. While a venue will ideally have PA system, be prepared to have one at your disposal just in case. Handouts and binders with the information you will be covering are also an excellent addition.

Step 2.

Organize your presentation. Decide on an accessible theme. Write out your talking points and practice them. Since the purpose of the seminar is to motivate people, incorporate audience participation and interaction. Come up with some catch phrases that you can use as a call and response with your audience. Make a handout with prompts and answer spaces for attendees to fill in during the seminar. Find other motivational speakers by searching for them by keyword on the Internet. Find others by networking with businesses to get recommendations for speakers they have hosted in the past. Create a seminar schedule or itinerary for attendees to follow.

Step 3.

Budget the seminar. Figure costs for speakers, cost for venue rental, advertisement, refreshments and materials. Settle on a price for the seminar admission based on the projected cost of the seminar.

Step 4.

Publicize the seminar. Decide on an appropriate venue and rent the space or hall. Advertise in the paper, on radio commercials, distribute fliers, and otherwise promote the event by creating a buzz around your name. This will attract sponsors, and you should contact as many businesses as you can to create a sponsorship bidding war.