How to Write a New Employee Announcement

In many companies, it's customary to announce the arrival of new employees. This announcement often appears in a company newsletter or on the company's inter-office website. Introducing new employees is an effective way to keep current staff updated about co-workers and can help familiarize everyone in the workplace when there is a staff change and when a new employee will be performing an essential role in the company.

Read the new employee's resume and cover letter to gather information about his professional skills and experience to include in the announcement. Also, talk to the new employee and ask him about his outside interests or hobbies, which you can use to personalize the announcement.

Write a paragraph that introduces the new employee by name followed by his position in the company. This information should be at the beginning of the announcement, because it is the essential purpose of the new employee introduction. If the role the new employee will fill is a crucial role that others in the company regularly interact with (payroll, office manager), be sure to include the new employee's full name. If you have additional contact information, such as his email address and the extension number of his desk phone, put this in the announcement also. This can help avoid any disruption in the work flow and allow all employees to quickly and easily contact him.

Write a paragraph about the new employee's experience and work history. This doesn't need to be detailed. You can write something like the following example: "Dora comes to us from Randolph Industries, where she worked as a communications engineer. She brings her extensive knowledge of innovative communications with her and will help develop new focus and techniques in our communications department."

Conclude the announcement with a short paragraph indicating a hobby or something that your new employee does outside of work (such as volunteering for a cause). This section is not mandatory and may only be used in a company setting that focuses more on employee interaction and a relaxed atmosphere. Some companies may consider this type of personal information irrelevant and unprofessional.


  • Try to include a photograph of the new employee when possible.

    Be sure to include the effective date of the new employee, along with his main job responsibilities.