How to Refill a Trodat Printy Dater 4750

The Trodat Printy 4750 self-inking dater prints customizable text and the date via a Trodat 6/4750 black, blue, red, violet or green ink cartridge; a Trodat 6/4750/2 two-color (red date/blue text) ink cartridge; or other compatible non-Trodat ink cartridge. Refilling the unit requires that you replace the ink cartridge. Like many Trodat stamp products, the 4750 has a simple cartridge and cartridge housing design. Once you understand this design, you can remove and replace an old ink cartridge quickly.

Set your Trodat Printy 4750 dater on a piece of paper on a level work space. Locate the black horizontal band at the front of the stamp -- this is the front edge of the ink cartridge.

Push on the top of the stamp slightly and press in on the red buttons on the right and left sides at the same time to unlock the cartridge within the stamp and lock the top of the stamp so that it can’t raise up.

Place your fingertip against the black band at the front of the stamp. Push in on the cartridge to push it out the back. Set the cartridge aside.

Pull the new cartridge from the carrier it came packaged in. Slide the cartridge into the slot.

Press down on the top of the dater to lock the cartridge in place and release the lock.