A fashion boutique is a small store that offers a special selection of clothing and accessories to cater to a specific type of customer. For instance, some boutiques cater to women shopping for lingerie while others offer a specialized selection of ties for business men. Though boutiques commonly operate in brick and mortar locations, you can also start your own Internet-based fashion boutique using an online store.

Step 1.

Use the Miiduu service to start your own online fashion boutique. You can pick a fashion-related theme and set up an Internet-based clothing store from this one account. Feature the latest items you’ve added to your boutique as well as your best sellers. This online store building service also offers you a platform for multiple shipping, payment and language options to cater to a variety of shoppers.

Step 2.

Create your fashion boutique with Portable Shops. This tool gives you a platform for managing specialized collections of clothing online. It is designed for both fashion designers and store owners – particularly those who want to manage a clothing brand or label. It advertises a three-step solution: launch the store from your account, upload your collection of clothing and start selling.

Step 3.

Start up your online fashion store using BIG Commerce. The service offers a plan for up to 100 products, which is often fine for a small boutique store. Sell on social media networks and iPhone cell phones. Choose from templates or hire a BIG Commerce designer. You can start hosting the store using the mybigcommerce.com domain name or your own.