How to Start a Home Business Boutique

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If you are passionate about clothing trends, fashion and design, starting a home business boutique is the right business choice for you. In a home business boutique you will shop for the latest trends and fashions to sell in your boutique. You will be selling clothing, accessories and shoes. If you have worked in clothing stores or in retail you will have had some great experience in starting your own home business boutique.

Choose a niche for your home business boutique. Specializing in a certain type of clothing and fashion will help you zone in on your target market and sell more. You can specialize in children's clothing, shoes, athletic wear, work and school uniforms, accessories, business clothing, top fashion, and nightclub fashion. You can specialize in more than one, but choose no more than 3.

Choose a name for your home business boutique. The name of your business should reflect your business well and let others know exactly what to expect from your boutique. List some names you like and narrow down your choice to the top 3. Ask friends and family for their input and choose one name. Register your home business boutique name with the government.

Locate dropshippers for your merchandise. Selling clothing, shoes and accessories from your home business boutique will need to be dropshipped. This means that you will not have to keep products in your home. The dropshipper you choose will sell the items to you and ship them to your customers for you. See the resource box to help you find a dropshipper that suits you.

Price your items. The dropshipper you choose for your boutique will charge you a wholesale price for the items you want to sell. This means that you buy a minimum of 200 of your favorite shoes at $4 each. You sell the shoes for $25 (for example only) each, which makes you a profit of $21.00. You will have to take into account any expenses you have such as shipping and handling costs, website fees, and taxes. You will need to know how much you need to make on each item you sell in order to make enough profit.

Sign up for an eBay store and a Yahoo store. This will help you in sales and advertising. You will be able to upload photos of your boutique items and sell them at auction or a flat fee. You will also be able to sell more than 1 of the same item at the same time. Your home business boutique items will show up in search engine results through eBay and Yahoo.


  • Specialize your Home Business Boutique. Create a newsletter for fans of fashion. Stay on top of the latest trends.


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