How to Work From Home With No Startup Costs

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Whether you are looking to become a professional blogger or you would like to run an online store, working at home without startup costs is possible with a bit of planning and creative thinking. Many online services and business tools online cost additional fees or subscription costs; however, other options for getting your business or plan off of the ground are available at no cost at all.

Brainstorm the skills you already have that may come in handy when working from home, such as knowing extensive information on specific subjects for blogging, graphic and web design, or business management skills for selling or auctioning items.

Create a list of various skills you have and also interests and new hobbies you are willing to work with or learn more about. Organize the list of skills to help get a clearer view of your available options when working from home.

Decide on the at-home career route you are going to take after reviewing your current skills set and options online as well as locally.

Review your options for working at home with your chosen job or career path. Some outlets for exposure might include opening an online store or auction shop, such as Etsy (, or eBay ( For blogging, view websites such as Blogger (, or Wordpress ( If you are interested in creating your own website and earning money from advertisements, visit Webs (, and research Google Adsense ( for advertising money-making tips.

Browse competitor company websites of various online blogging, eCommerce, and website building services and communities. Register and sign up on forums and online communities relevant to your hobby or business for more information and potential networking opportunities to help expand your business and work even more.

Create an online portfolio for storing photography work, graphic design work, and illustrations of your own if you plan on working as a freelance designer, programmer, or photographer. Upload and store your portfolio work online to keep all of your highlighted and featured works showcased when trying to find new clients or expand your market.

Register on the service websites that fit your current skills sets or business ideas and follow each on-screen guide or tutorial offered from the service to begin setting up your blog, website, or online store quickly to begin earning money without startup costs.


  • Work consistently at your at-home skills and online job opportunities to help increase your chances for additional at-home work options and opportunities.