How to Invert an Image on a Sony Projector

Sony projectors can be used to display video on a front or rear projection screen. The projector can set on a table or hang upside down from the ceiling. Using the projector in one of these configurations may require re-orienting the image displayed to prevent the picture from being upside down, backward or both. The settings for inverting and flipping the image are located in the menu.

Power the projector on and allow it to warm up. It could take up to a minute for the projector to initialize.

Press the menu button located on the remote. Press the "Down" arrow on the remote until the menu cursor being projected is positioned on the "Installation" tab.


Move the cursor onto the "Image Flip" selection and press "Enter". Each time "Enter" is pressed, the selection will toggle through "HV", "H", "V" and "Off". "HV" stands for horizontal and vertical flip. "H" stands for horizontal only flip. "V" stands for vertical only flip and "Off" means the image does not flip.


Press "Menu" to exit and save your selection.