Business owners looking to get a credit card swipe machine have a couple of options. The easiest way is to get a swipe machine when you set up your merchant account to process credit cards. Third party retailers also offer credit card swipe machines for sale or lease. And you can find them used at auctions and flea markets. Be careful when purchasing card swipe machines. Consider the brand, and whether the machine can handle your estimated transaction volume. Ask questions before making a purchase. Features can vary on swipe machines even if they have a similar appearance.

Things You Will Need
  • Merchant account

  • Desktop or laptop with Internet access

Getting your machine

Step 1.

Lease or purchase a swipe machine offered with a merchant account. Merchant accounts process credit card information for payment. As an incentive, some merchant account hosting companies offer discounted or free card swipe machines to new clients. When applying for a merchant account, ask the representative about equipment deals. Monthly fees apply when using merchant account swipe machines.

Step 2.

Get a swipe machine from third party retailers. Online and local companies specialize in products for lease or purchase. Carefully review devices before making a selection. Ask customer service which swipe machines are compatible with your previously established merchant account. Monthly fees apply when using third party swipe machines.

Step 3.

Visit auction sites to purchase gently used swipe machines. Ask the seller about the machine. Note that it may be harder to find replacement parts for older devices. Swipe machines purchased at auction sites typically come with no technical support or warranty.

Step 4.

Buy used credit card swipe machines at flea markets. Examine the condition of the device. For easy operation, make sure the instruction manual is included. Manuals and parts for older models may be hard to find. You won't get technical support or a warranty.