Having an Automatic Teller Machine at your business location is a great way to increase customer loyalty and encourage them to spend more money. According to the American Banking Association, the average ATM customer is likely to spend more money than a non-ATM customer. ATMs allow you to dissolve some of the risks involved with being a business owner; There is no need to worry about bad checks, minimize your bank and processing fees and you gain income from the ATM transactions.

Things You Will Need
  • ATM location

  • ATM supplier

  • Two bank accounts

Determine what area gets the most traffic from customers in your merchant's location. Make that area your designated ATM location. The success of your ATM depends on where the ATM is situated.

Choose an ATM supplier company that you would like to assist you with getting an ATM. There are many companies out there who will allow you to buy, rent and even own an ATM for free. Decide which ownership option would work best with your business. Read all fine print. ATM suppliers such as Payment Alliance International and the ATM King will work with you every step of the way, from the moment you decide to begin leasing or owning an ATM to the moment you decide there is no need for the ATM.

Negotiate a contract that works best for you and the merchant. Make sure that you and the merchant are satisfied with the proposed location for the ATM, who is going to cover the phone installation, bills, fees and, most importantly, insurance. Make sure that the merchant has your ATM on their insurance policy. The ATM supplier will handle the processing of your contracts and agreements with merchant.

Open two bank accounts that will be used exclusively for the ATM. These accounts must be set up to receive ACH debits and deposits from your ATM machine.

Place your order for the ATM machine you have selected. The ATM supplier will deliver your ATM machine usually within five to seven business days from your payment to the agreed upon location for the ATM machine.

Upon the arrival of you ATM machine, a technician will train you on how to program, install, load and how to perform basic maintenance on your ATM machine.